How will scholars enter the  building? 

  • Scholars can begin arriving at school at 8:30 AM and they will enter at designated checkpoints based on their mode of transportation and will have their temperature checked prior to entering the building. If a scholar has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, families will be contacted immediately to pick up their scholar from a separate building entrance (Door 5).

Can families enter the building? 

  • Yes, however, no more than two people will be allowed inside the main office at any time. Please limit the number of additional people accompanying the adult into the building.

Can I escort my kindergarten student to class?  

  • No

May I request a meeting with my child’s teacher? 

  • Yes.  When possible, we suggest that all meetings be held virtually, by phone or by email.

How do I enroll my scholar at The PATH School?

  • To enroll a new scholar, go to and register for The PATH School at Stephen Foster.  You may also call to make an appointment to come to the main office and use one of our computers to register.  

How are you keeping scholars socially distant in the hallways? 

  • Staff will help maintain social distance, and social distance markers will line the hallways. 

What will classrooms look like? 

  • Scholar seating will be socially distanced in the classroom, and scholars will remain in their homeroom during most of the school day with the same group of scholars. 

Where will scholars store their personal belongings? 

  • Elementary scholars will store their personal belongings (coat, boots, etc) in their cubbies.  Middle school scholars will store them in their lockers.  

If my child walks to school, where should they enter the building?

  • Walkers will enter through door 10. 

If I bring my child to school, where should they enter the building? 

  • All car riders will enter through Door 1. 

What will dismissal look like? 

  • Scholars will begin dismissal at 4:15. Scholars will be dismissed based on their mode of transportation.  Car riders will be dismissed from door 10 and walkers will be released from door 1 or door 6.  Dismissal will be staggered to ensure social distancing. 

What will breakfast and lunch look like? 

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served to scholars from carts outside of their classrooms, and scholars will eat in their classrooms. Scholars will be required to wash and sanitize their hands before and after every meal.

What will recess look like? 

  • All scholars will have recess daily by grade level.  Specific areas will be designated for each grade level daily.  We will make every effort to help scholars maintain social distance during recess.  Playground equipment will be sanitized between recess periods.  Sports equipment cannot be used/shared during recess.

Will The PATH School offer after-school clubs? 

  • Yes,  if it is determined that clubs can be offered safely.