What should I expect as a parent of a child who will be in remote learning?  

Parent Expectations:

  • Commit to supporting your student for at least the full first quarter (9 weeks) of the school year. You will not be permitted to re-enroll to in-person learning until the end of the first quarter, or October 19. 
  • Commit to attending a back-to-school orientation and picking up any necessary materials from The PATH School. We will issue your scholar a learning device and will provide additional supports as necessary.
  • Help provide a daily structure and routine for your student. We have provided suggestions for what a daily schedule could look like based upon your child’s grade level found below. 
  • At the elementary level, read aloud to your student and ensure access to books and other reading materials.
  • Participate in the process of success by regularly communicating with teachers and monitoring student progress. 
  • Be open to suggested educational experiences outside of the remote learning environment to add to your students’ education.


What should I expect of my scholar while in remote learning? 

Scholar Expectations:

  • Scholars will be expected to participate in daily activities that will count towards attendance.
  • Participate in morning meeting or Crew daily with your teacher(s). Respond to instructional feedback and reach out with any questions. 
  • Check Google classroom on a daily basis to see what activities have been assigned and complete all assignments according to instructor expectations.
  • Abide by the scholar code of conduct. Scholar participation in online courses will be closely monitored and scholars will be held to the same high expectations as scholars participating in in-person (face-to-face) learning. 
  • Scholars will follow the same assessment/testing schedule as scholars who are participating in in-person learning. Assessments will be administered online.


What technology will my child use? 

  • Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade: Scholars will use an iPad.
  • 3rd Grade and up: Scholars will use a Chromebook

Is daily attendance required?

  • Yes, attendance will be taken remotely each day through morning meeting and turning in completed work.

What platform will be used?

  • Google Classroom will be used for scholars to complete and turn in assignments.  
  • Videos may take place on other platforms.

Will my child need to be online all day?

  • Scholars will have some assignments to complete online, but they will also have offline assignments each day.

Will my child be working on a packet?

  • No

Will my child get the same curriculum as scholars in the building?

  • Yes

Will my child get live interaction with a teacher each day?

  • Yes, scholars will get live interactions with their teacher at least once per day.

What will my child’s day look like?

  • Exact schedules will vary depending on grade level, but every scholar will have a Morning Meeting or Crew time, English/Language Arts, Math, and a Closing Circle each day.

If my child has an IEP or is an English Language Learner will they still get those services?

  • Yes

Will I be able to change my child to in person learning?

  • You are able to change your scholar to in person learning after 9 weeks.

Who will help my child if they are struggling?

  • Your scholar will have a teacher, but they will also be able to get help from others in the school building when needed.

Will my child get to do Specials Classes, like Art?

  • Scholars will have some special class activities.